I Might Be Over Beauty Boxes | Which Is The Best Beauty Box?

For the first time in a surprisingly long time, I’m not subscribed to a beauty box. After the moral outrage that ensued from last month’s Cohorted box, I unsubscribed earlier than planned. I’ve been subscribed to Glossybox, My Little Box, Look Fantastic, Love Me Beauty, Look Incredible and Cohorted, and I’ve written a hell of a lot of blog posts about them. I’ve spent a lot of money on these boxes, trying out different products and even finding a few new favourites along the way. While occasionally discovering something amazing, I’ve also received a fair amount of crap.

From the August 2016 Look Fantastic Box

I think I’m finally done with spending my money on what is essentially a gamble. I have an extremely long list of products I’d like to purchase that I’m gradually either saving for or waiting until I’ve run out of something else before I buy them. Beauty boxes are great for when you’re lacking in inspiration and want to try something new, but when you have a wishlist as long as your arm you’re just wasting money on things you don’t want rather than saving up for the things you do.

From the December 2016 My Little Box

I’ve tried out quite a few beauty boxes in the last two years or so, not all of which have featured on this blog. Many of them I wouldn’t go back to, but some of the others I would consider returning to if I need some inspiration. Immediately written off for me are Cohorted and Glossybox. Cohorted because of how cross I was at receiving a tester in last month’s box, and Glossybox as I generally found the quality of products to be a bit poor; the sample sizes were always so small that you didn’t really get much chance to try things.

From the June 2017 Cohorted Box

While in the end, I became dissatisfied with My Little Box, I think I would still go back to it. While some of the lifestyle items were gimmicky or just a bit crap, the branded skincare and makeup items were generally good quality, and the French theme presents an opportunity to try things that I wouldn’t necessarily know or hear about in the UK. 

From the February 2017 My Little Box

I haven’t been subscribed to Look Fantastic or Look Incredible in over a year so I can’t speak for recent boxes, but they were probably the best overall boxes. They consistently contained something unusual or high quality, often featuring luxury and international brands. I would be most likely to subscribe to the Look Incredible Deluxe box in future as the extra money guarantees you some amazing products. I did a quick search for the most recent beauty box and it featured Chanel, NARS, Too Faced, Decleor and Spa Retreat. In one box! And all full-size products! I may subscribe to this box at some point in the future but for now, I think I’ll work my way through that very long list…

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    • Bethany
      July 26, 2017 / 12:00 pm

      Not signing up at all is probably the smart thing to do, but when it comes to makeup I seem to be incapable of making informed decisions. I'm a little bit hopeless in that regard!

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