“I hate pink” – Me

I’ve ranted before about how pink and I have a long history, and the many photos of me wearing baby pink in my early teens will illustrate exactly why – I look god-awful in it. Or at least, I look god-awful in pastel pink. Lately I’ve been on a mission to reintegrate the things I’m convinced I can’t wear back into my wardrobe, proving that there are no colours you can’t wear, you just have to wear them in the right way. I’m also determined to wear all of my clothes more often in an effort to be more sustainable, and also to shop more ethically – that said, the skirt in this outfit is from Topshop…

How to wear pink

Yes, the skirt is from Topshop, and it’s a skirt I semi-regret buying as it’s SO short. I can’t return it now though, and so I’ve decided to figure out how I can wear it as much as possible since I do actually love the design. The patchwork of warm pinks and plums is right up my street and I want to be able to wear it, I just don’t have the confidence a lot of the time. I’ve paired it very simply for a VERY pink outfit here. My burgundy Docs, purchased when I was 17 (which was a long time ag0…oh god I just realised it’s nearly 10 years…brb having an existential crisis) ground the outfit and keep it from being too girly. The dark purplish tshirt keeps things simple and is probably about as old as the Docs, while the pink jacket was picked up at a vintage fair a few years ago and doesn’t get nearly as much wear as it should.

How to wear pink and not look too girly

Putting together an outfit of things I don’t wear enough, like I did with my 10×10 challenge, really brings those pieces to the forefront of my mind and since this shoot I’ve worn the jacket and skirt loads. The jacket in particular has been great for throwing on when the wind picks up on an otherwise warm day. I’ve also fallen back in love with pink! Yes, I’ll be sticking to warmer, duskier shades in general, but I’ve definitely learnt that worn in the right way I can “do” pink, despite my past baby pink trauma. I’m still working up the nerve to attempt my least favourite colour, pale blue. Watch this space, but you might be watching for a while. I’m determined to prove that there are no colours you can’t wear, you, just have to wear them in the right way.

Photos by the fab Jade of BackAlleyProduction

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