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Glasses Direct Home Trial

What you may not know about me is that I am as blind as the proverbial bat, and while I generally wear contact lenses, I also have glasses for lazy days.  I knew my eyesight had got worse, as I was seeing some double vision and blurriness and as I hadn’t been tested in two years I headed to my local Specsavers for an up to date prescription.  If you’re at all interested I’m -8.25 in my left eye and -6.5 in my right – which sucks.  I definitely needed some new glasses because I had the usual ‘oh my god this is HD’ reaction while being tested and realised just how bad my current vision was.  I looked at the Specsaver frames on offer but I didn’t really fancy any of them so I went away and had a look online.  Glasses Direct has been at the back of my mind for a while after I saw an advert for them.  The advantage is that you can out up to 4 frames online that you like and they will send them out to you for free with plain glass lenses in to try for yourself.  Since I was in need of new glasses I thought I’d give them a go and you can see what their service is like!

The Trial Pack popped through my letter box two days after I ordered them, in this box.  I was really glad that they fitted through the post box as I never manage to be there at the right time for deliveries.

I ordered four pairs, all in either brown or tortoiseshell because I find that for glasses a neutral colour is best, and black is too harsh for me.  

From top to bottom are the Ray-Ban 5184-50 glasses in ‘Dark Havana’, London Retro Piccadilly glasses in ‘Horn’, Religion 24 glasses in ‘Tortoise’ and Scout Firework glasses in ‘Brown Fade’.

While I like them all in the box, some of them definitely looked better on me than others!

The Ray-Bans!  Way too dark for me, and I felt that the shape was a little masculine for me.

Retro London’s Piccadilly – although bigger than I’m used to, I actually really like these.  The colour isn’t too dark and they were really comfortable.  The shape is perhaps a liiiittle bit hipster and I think I look like a nerd but I kind of like that.

Religion 24! About a million shades too dark, and the height of them means I lose my eyebrows completely.  Not a fan.

These were probably my second favourite as I liked the colour, but once again the shape and size of them meant my eyebrows disappeared.  They also kept sitting on my chubby cheeks when I smiled which I found irritating.

I then had to return my Trial Pack (you can keep them for up to 7 days) and then considered ordering another one to try different styles.  I instead decided to order the London Retro Piccadilly glasses with my prescription, plus high index lenses so they’re not like milk bottle bottoms and an anti reflective coating because look at the reflections in those photos!  If you spend over £55 on your frame your second pair is free, but as I don’t wear glasses much, I elected to only have one pair.  Instead of a free second pair you get 20% off, which is great for me because high index lenses are not cheap!

I’m currently waiting for my new glasses to arrive in the post and I’ll add picture to this post once they arrive!  Overall, I think Glasses Direct is great and will definitely be using it again!

Pro-tip: When you get your eyes tested ask for your Pupillary Distance as well! You need it when buying glasses online and it isn’t included in the standard prescription.

Have you ever tried an online glasses service before?


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