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My Christmas present from my Mum this year was a trip to Amsterdam. I absolutely love travelling and I’m currently pretty skint and it was looking like I wouldn’t be able to go away for some time. My Mum bought my boyfriend and I flights and booked us a hotel room for three nights in April. Neither of us have ever been to Amsterdam before and haven’t had the chance to travel together (unless you count the annual pilgrimage to visit my family in Scotland) so I’m extremely excited. I wanted to show you how I’ve started planning our long weekend away, and why I’m so excited to visit this incredibly city.

How to plan an Amsterdam city break

When I’m planning a big trip, such as New Zealand or Japan, I tend to dive right in with the guide books. I’ll buy the Lonely Planet and Rough Guide books for each destination and read them relentlessly in the run-up to the trip, while also quizzing anyone and everyone I know for reccomendations. For city breaks, I tend to chill out a but more. While I do tend to buy a guide book, although admittedly I pinched this one from my Aunt, I tend to just flick through it and pick out anything that seems interesting. Instead, blogs are my go-to planning device.
When you’re spending just a few days in city you don’t really have time to explore. As much as we all like seeing the sights, I also love getting a feel for the backstreets and what it’s like to live in another city. I use my guide books to figure out which of the big sights are my kinda thing, and then I turn to my favourite travel bloggers for ideas of places a little bit more off the beaten track.
I have a few favourite travel bloggers that I go back to time after time, all of which crop up in my Monday Medleys pretty often. For reference though, I’ve found Sophie Cliff, Beverley of Pack Your Passport and Carrie from WishWishWish have the best recommendations for Amsterdam. They’re all complete experts at finding the best brunch spots, the cosiest hotels and the chicest shops.

After a lot of reading, I have a little list of the things I really want to try and do while in Amsterdam, so keep tuned for later in the year for a complete glut of Netherlands content in the Spring.

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