Favourite Photos From Amsterdam

I’m back with another photo-heavy post today, and sadly it’s my very last Amsterdam post! I wanted to share with you some of my absolute favourite photographs from my time in the Netherlands. They’re a real mix of actually pretty photos and quick snaps that remind me of nice moments from the trip, so don’t expect too much! At least I only left in one cat and two dog photos of the hundreds I took; Amsterdam is FULL of cats and dogs and I’m so here for it.

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum fountain
By the fountains outside the Rijksmuseum.
Amsterdam collage
The greenery in Amsterdam is insane, whether it’s at the Keukenhof Gardens or just at the flower stalls that seem to be on every other street.
Amsterdam canal houses
In love with the views from the bridges and the skinny and tall houses.
Amsterdam crooked houses
At the top of some of these houses you can see the hooks people use when moving house; they basically strap up their furniture and there’s a special type of crane that brings it down again using the hooks! Sounds bonkers but makes perfect sense.
Amsterdam square
I look slightly lost here and also kind of like a duck thanks to the yellow shoes and the fact that my feet are turned out for some reason.
Keukenhof gardens lake
This is my absolute favourite photo from the Keukenhof Gardens becauase of the blossom in the water and the contrast of blues and yellows.
Amsterdam alleyways
I’ve always been a bit of a fiend for alleyways, often wandering down them even as a child and having to be retrieved by grumpy grandparents.
Amsterdam canal boat tour
I made my boyfriend take this while on a river cruise because I’m applying the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade called Amsterdam.
Amsterdam canal views
Ahhh these houses! Love them so much.
Amsterdam road crossing
My expression is kind of stupid here but I love this photo.
Amsterdam flower shop
Swooshy hair and flower shops are 99% of the photos from this trip tbh.
Amsterdam collage
The ceiling in that arcade was stunning as was basically every corner of this city tbh.
Amsterdam canal houses
Blue skies and red bricks are my jam.
Keukenhof Gardens fountain
Teeny tiny cameo from my boyfriend here in Keukenhof!
Vondelpark willow trees
Willow trees in the Vondelpark.
Dogs in Amsterdam
Happiest dog award goes to this one in the Vondelpark!
Dogs in Amsterdam
Aaaand saddest dog award here to this sweetheart.
Pastries in Amsterdam
Yes, that is a chocolate and salted caramel pain au chocolat that I had for breakfast.
Vondelpark Lake
Views of the Vondelpark.
Cats and bicycles in Amsterdam
Cats + bicycles = Amsterdam
View from Vondelpark
No for real can I buy one of these please?
Amsterdam at night
I love this city at night.

I completely and utterly fell in love with Amsterdam and much like Wellington I feel like I could live here happily. I’ll definitely be back.

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  1. Bethany Jane
    June 1, 2018 / 7:25 am

    Firstly, you are a total babe and you look so happy in these photos that it's making my heart warm. Secondly, this has given me the strongest *need* to go back to Amsterdam. I went for a weekend 5 years ago and I loved it and these photos are making me miss it so much, it's so beautiful there! Hope you had the most amazing time, your photos are incredible!Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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