Fashion Fears: Tartan Co-Ord

It’s November and my brain is in full on winter mode – so here’s an outfit where I’ve got bare legs. Sensible right? This tartan co-ord shot on what was probably the last day of the year where I could get away with bare legs and a short skirt so I’m glad I took full advantage of the slightly milder weather. It’s also definitely an outfit that would look just as good with a pair of thick tights, so no doubt this little combo will be worn throughout the chillier months.

Tartan and I go waaaay back. My Dad was Scottish, and my paternal grandparents delighted in buying me all of the tartan baby and toddler clothes, meaning that most of my early childhood photos feature some element of plaid or proper tartan. I don’t think I had particularly strong feelings about the pattern when I was very young, but I made the mistake of wearing a little tartan dress to school on an own clothes day. Already the “posh” kid, some of the other children decided that tartan wasn’t cool and I was mocked for the rest of the year. I remember making excuses that I was half-Scottish (as if that would make them stop), which just made the whole situation worse. I avoided wearing anything tartan or plaid for a long time after that for fear that the bullying would resurface, and even after I stopped caring what other people said about me, I still automatically avoided tartan.

Once I realised this, I knew I’d want to throw myself in at the deep end and re-embrace all things tartan. I found this little second hand tartan co-ord being sold on Instagram and they were an absolute steal. Unfortunately, they’re also rubbish quality and the zip gets stuck all the time on the skirt, so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for something similar that’s better made.

I’ve worn the skirt on it’s own before and I’ve worn the jacket alone, but I’ve never been brave enough until recently to pair the two together. I told myself that I just had to do it and throw myself in, and predictably, I bloody loved it. Sometimes it’s just about throwing yourself at the deep end and enjoying the ride, and I don’t know why I avoided tartan for so long.

Photos by Eilis Columb.

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