Divination and Decisions

I’d hesitate to call it a trend, but there’s been a definite increase in interest in all things mystical in the blogosphere. Tarot cards and horoscopes in particular seem to be enjoying a resurgence, as bloggers far and wide invest in professional card readings and birth chart analysis. As to where this newfound spiritualism has sprung from, I’m at a loss.

Using tarot cards to make decisions

For the record, I am a pretty serious sceptic about pretty much everything, but I do enjoy horoscopes and the like in an idle way, and I intend no disrespect to anyone who believes in witchcraft. My personal belief is that rather than truly telling the future, they can help guide you in making decisions; the meaning we attribute to the symbols and words is more important than the the actual fortune or horoscope. When faced with a problem or uncertainties, tarot cards are one of the things I turn to to help me move past them.

I remember well when I was given my pack of tarot cards and a book to interpret them. I would have been about eleven or twelve, and I was visiting my grandparents in Scotland for the Halloween half term; whenever we visited we’d get a gift, and this time mine was tarot cards. I was very into all things fantasy at the time, and I always used to read the horoscopes in the local paper with my Gran and we’d laugh about them whenever it would be something completely inaccurate, such as the time we were both supposed to become pregnant in the next few months. That was likely the thought behind the gift, and I became really absorbed in the book and cards for several months.

I always take my cards and the book with me when I move house, slipping it in with the piles of books that litter every surface. It’s rare that I use the cards to help answer a question, but I usually reach an answer that tells me what I already know deep down but haven’t yet acknowledged. I find them helpful in times of confusion or indecision, but in truth I don’t really believe in a mystical element. I keep an open mind, and am prepared to accept evidence of the mystical or supernatural, but for me this is really just a method for uncovering what I really want deep down; a more complex version of flipping a coin and seeing how you feel about it. I really love my cards, and I depend on the comfort they bring me in difficult times.

Have you ever had a tarot card reading or tried it yourself?

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Using tarot cards to make decisions


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