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Current Favourite Blogs

I have another little selection of blogs I’m absolutely loving lately.  I did one of these way back in June, and since then I’ve discovered so many more blogs that give me serious goals.

Seated Perspective


Mark of Seated Perspective writes with great emotion, realism and humour in these chronicles of daily life as experienced by a wheelchair user.  I wish I had half his skill at writing.

 Nettle and Blackberry


Imii’s photography is some of the most amazing out there.  Her entire blog is beautifully clean and inspiring, and her content is always thoughtful and worth a read.  One of my absolute faves.




Siobhán of BeautyLymin is probably my favourite beauty blogger.  That’s including all of the big ones like Lily Pebbles, Fleur De Force, The Anna Edit etc.  I just love her content and the way that she writes, and I think we must have similar taste in makeup because whenever I’m thinking about buying something I check her blog first and there’s almost always a review up.  Actual magical beauty witch.

The Kitty Luxe


The Kitty Luxe is my favourite for fashion inspiration, as the fashion posts are always beautifully shot and well put together.  I would like her wardrobe please.

Twenty Something Meltdown  


This lifestyle blog from Gwennan is an absolute blast and something I read when I’m feeling a little down.  It just feels very real to me, while other lifestyle blogs feel a bit manufactured and fake, Twenty Something Meltdown is endearing in its honesty and makes me feel less like an alien in this land of bloggers with perfect, unattainable lives.

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  1. Mark Rankin
    October 14, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    Thank you for your far too kind words Bethany. It means more than you know. I've Been away for a couple of weeks but will be back with a vengenace this Sunday. Mark

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