Court Jester

Court Jester

Having fun with fashion is something I’m striving for at the moment. Too often I fall into the trap of wearing jeans and a basic shirt, and it always leaves me feeling a little lacklustre. There’s a reason I reach for this combination – it’s comfortable, easy and makes the mornings that much easier when you have a tried and tested outfit. However, basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Whether it’s the print, the colour or the shape, there are ways to shake up your basic outfit and make a statement even with the most simple outfit pairings.

Since there are only so many shapes of jeans and washes, and I’m just not a ripped jean kind of girl, I tend to mix up my tops rather than my bottoms. This shirt from Ghospell is currently sold out on ASOS but I’m so glad I managed to snag one because it’s INSANE. The sleeves are billowing and voluminous, and the print and shape together makes me feel like a medieval court jester in the best possible way. I love a statement sleeve, as seen here and here, and I feel like it’s such an easy way to make an outfit more interesting. There’s a reason “jeans and a nice top” is everyone’s uniform for a laid back night out – it works.

I’m also trying to shop more from independent brands, and I’m pretty much in love with everything Ghospell makes simply because their pieces are always wearable but never boring. There’s always something interesting about a seemingly simple shirt or skirt, and that’s something I definitely want to incorporate more in my wardrobe. Simple pieces are great, but I’m sorely lacking in statement items to pair them with – any excuse to shop right? Having fun with fashion is becoming more important to me as I get older. I don’t care as much about trends or dressing for my ideal body shape, and instead I just want to wear clothes that make me smile. This shirt, which makes me dance like a crazy chicken and attempt to fly at any given opportunity, definitely fits the bill. More fun clothes pls.

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