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It turns out, one of the most confusing things you can say to a Danish person is “taler du engelsk?”, which means “do you speak English?”. Since 86% of Danes speak English fluently, especially in the capital of Copenhagen, and can spot a tourist a mile away, anyone non-Danish speaking Danish is completely bemusing. Anyone working in customer service of any kind will speak English most of the day anyway due to the sheer number of visitors, and apparently the vast majority just take it for granted that everyone will understand them. I always feel it’s polite to learn at least the basics when travelling abroad, so I brush up on my hellos, pleases, thank yous and sorrys before boarding the aeroplane. Ultimately, it probably created more confusion than just speaking English would have done, but everyone was very appreciative and pleasantly surprised by my horribly-butchered Danish.

Since my camera broke about half an hour after arriving at my AirBnb, my photos for the trip were taken on my phone. Rather than putting together a whole guide to Copenhagen, I wanted to just share my favourite photos and places from the trip and keep this whole post very casual, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless and maybe even take away from it a few cool places to visit if you’re ever lucky enough to visit this beautiful city.

Copenhagen Christianhavn AirBnb Copenhagen Christianhavn AirBnb Copenhagen Christianshavn AirBnb Copenhagen Christianshavn AirBnb Copenhagen Christianshavn AirBnb Copenhagen Christianshavn AirBnb

Above are a few photos from my AirBnb. It was in Christianshavn, a short walk or cycle from everywhere and even prettier than the photos in the listing made it appear. It was in a really lovely, quiet area and I can’t recommend it more highly. Find it here.

Nyhavn Copenhagen Nyhavn Copenhagen Nyhavn Copenhagen Copenhagen Streets Rundetaarn Copenhagen Magasin du Nord Copenhagen Copenhagen Streets Christianshavn Copenhagen Streets Copenhagen Streets Christianshavn Church Copenhagen Stroget Copenhagen Streets Nyhavn Copenhagen Copenhagen Streets Copenhagen Streets Copenhagen Streets Copenhagen Streets Copenhagen Nyhavn

On the Saturday morning I went for a wander around Christianshavm and Nyhavn, the latter in particular is a very touristy area so it was nice to get there before the worst of the crowds. Christianshavn and the independent neighbourhood of Christiania is also definitely worth exploring to get a taste of Copenhagen’s old counter culture.

Torvehallerne KBH Copenhagen foodhall Torvehallerne KBH Copenhagen food hall smorrebrodTorvehallerne KBH Copenhagen food hall

I highly recommend the Torvehallerne for lunch; I had the best smorrebrod (open sandwich, a traditional light Danish meal) of my trip there and also had a kartoffelkage, which turned out to be a vanilla cake draped in marzipan then drenched in cocoa powder. 10/10 would recommend!

Kobenhavn K second hand shopVeras Vintage Copenhagen

Copenhagen is overflowing with vintage and charity shops, but the two best (in my humble opinion) are Veras Vintage and Kobenhavn K. They’re both near to the main shopping street of Stroget, but are tucked away down much cooler side streets. Veras also runs monthly swap shops around the city, and Kobenhavn K is the oldest second hand shop in the city. Both are definitely worth checking out for some serious retail therapy.

Tivoli Copenhagen Tivoli Copenhagen Tivoli Copenhagen Peacocks Tivoli Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is a Danish land of wonder and joy. It’s a mish mash of rollercoasters, upscale restaurants and theatres, and there is literally something for everyone. There are proper rollercoasters and much smaller, more sedate rides, stage shows (I saw posters for Mamma Mia and for ballets), a Michelin star restaurant and a more normal food hall, an aquarium and quiet gardens in which you can easily wander. It’s impressive how much they’ve crammed into a small space without it feeling crowded, and although expensive since you pay for entry and for individual rides and food, it’s well worth it.

That’s all for now, as I really only had two days to explore this beautiful city. I hope to come back soon, boyfriend in tow to take some proper photos!

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