Cohorted Beauty Box | Is it really worth the price tag?

I said not long ago that I wasn’t planning to do many more beauty box blogposts, but this was my very first box from Cohorted and I actually have something to say, plus I don’t see many Cohorted unboxings online. At £35 this is most expensive beauty box I’ve tried, and I was curious to see if it would be worth the fairly hefty price tag. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the delivery of this box, as it was almost a week later than it should have been and didn’t even ship until the day it was due to arrive. Since the sneak peak was a bronzer I was even less enthused, as I’ve literally never used bronzer in my life and never planned to. However, as disgruntled as I was by the time it finally arrived, upon opening the box I was actually pretty happy.

Cohorted Beauty Box May 2017 Unboxing and Contents

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Bronzer

RRP £35

This was the bronzer in the sneak peak, and already covers the cost of the box at £35. After swatching it briefly, it seems light but buildable, so who knows, I may actually give it a go! It comes with a beautifully soft kabuki brush, and it was nice to see a brand like Vita Liberata in a beauty box. 

Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Bronzer

Lin & Lo Matte Lipstick in Real Red

Lin & Lo Matte Lipstick in Real Red

RRP £19

The first brand discovery item was this extremely red lipstick from Lin & Lo; it’s very matte and a true pillar box red. The swatch on my arm was one very quick swipe so you can see just how pigmented it is. It’s a little drying, but no more so than many matte lipsticks. The brand was created by two makeup artists, Alina and Laura, and from this lipstick, it seems like they did a good job! The packaging isn’t very exciting, but the lipstick itself will definitely see some use in my collection.

Lin & Lo Matte Lipstick in Real Red

NARS Monoi Body Glow II

NARS Monoi Body Glow II

RRP £44

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is NARS in a beauty box. This was on of three options I could have received, the other two being either an Urban Decay or Clarins Lip Pencil. Price wise I seem to have got value for money, and while I didn’t expect to be particularly excited about this, after one sniff I was in love. It’s a dreamy scent; I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s sweet but not cloying; there are hints of vanilla and coconut, something slightly floral, which I’m guessing is the tiare flower on the ingredients list, but overall it smells like a tropical spa. It’s a multipurpose oil for giving skin a glow, but I think I’ll be wearing this dabbed onto my pulse points as a perfume.

Betty Hula Body Moisturiser in Rum and Blackcurrant

Betty Hula Body Moisturiser in Rum & Blackcurrant

RRP £12.99

Another brand discovery was from Betty Hula with this body moisturiser. I was initially a little put out that there was another body product in here, but once again, the smell won me over. Blackcurrant is one of my favourite smells (Lush’s The Comforter is a staple) and the hint of rum just takes it to another level. It’s extremely moisturising, and I look forward to basically rolling in it after a shower.

Loewe Aura Body Moisturiser

Loewe Aura Moisturising Body Lotion 

RRP £15

Yes, that’s another body moisturiser. It’s a bit irritating to receive three body products in one box, but in fairness, this is quite different to the NARS oil and the Betty Hula cream. This is much lighter in texture and soaks in immediately; the scent is much lighter and more delicate, where the punch of blackcurrant and rum is almost overwhelming in the Betty Hula, this is a soft lingering floral scent that is almost a perfume. This will get used up, but I think I’m set for body lotion for a good while!

Cohorted Beauty Box May 2017 Unboxing and Contents

Although this box was pretty delayed, I still enjoyed the contents once it arrived. I do think I got good value for money, and I’m particularly happy with the NARS oil. However, the box was pretty unbalanced and weighted towards body products, so hopefully the next one will be better.

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