Christmas Party Dressing For When You’re Feeling a Bit Fat

It’s exactly the same as when you’re feeling your best. You wear what makes you feel good.

I’ve gained some weight over the last couple of months, and I’m not feeling great about it. Lots of my clothes don’t fit me right now, and I can’t afford to buy all my clothes in a size bigger, so I’m making do with a reduced wardrobe size for now. Winter is in full swing and that means it’s party season. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year or general booze-up with your mates, everyone is taking advantage of that festive feeling and dressing up – here are three outfits that I’ll be wearing for party season.

Somtimes, you just don’t want to get dressed. Fortunately, when your pyjamas are this pretty, you can make it work. Whether you team your pyjama bottoms with a nice top and heels, or do as I did and tuck your shirt into a skirt, I definitely think you can get away with wearing your pyjamas on a night out.

Tights are (randomly) in fashion at the moment, and I will take any excuse to wear my favourite polka dot tights. They really help dress up this little green velvet dress, one that’s featured on here several times before. It’s one of those dresses that even when I’m not feeling my best I feel good in; choosing a colour that I know really suits me makes all the difference to my confidence.

This is a gorgeous & Other Stories mini dress that I bought on Depop, and was devastated when it wouldn’t even come close to fastening over my boobs. I love the pattern and the fluttery sleeves, so throwing a little black jumper over the top was an easy fix for me. It makes the outfit a little more casual, but also makes me more comfortable in it. I might wear this on Christmas day, since my family are pretty laid back on the big day itself, and we only really dress up for the big family dinner in Scotland a few days later. This is perfect for a chilled out Christmas.

That’s yer lot, three festive party outfits for when I’m feeling a bit fat. They’re the same as my normal party outfits, just tweaked for comfort.

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  1. January 7, 2020 / 12:02 am

    I love this, Bethany!! I also love that I’ll know that all of these outfits would suit me as green suits me too. I definitely need to start trying to layer dresses and jumpers more as I just haven’t cracked it yet – any tips?!

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