Turn and face the strange! Which is my roundabout way of saying look! I’m on WordPress! It’s all different! Except it isn’t really; while the layout has had an update and I can now customise seemingly everything, the content is still the same. I’m aiming to produce a lot more of it after the relative dearth in the last six months, but this move has reinvigorated my passion for blogging and my previous fashion post absolutely flew from my fingertips. I loved writing it, and I’ve really missed loving writing lately.

The move to WordPress and stunning theme were done by Phil from Pipdig, who was fantastic and made the daunting process of moving platform the easiest thing in the world. I would highly recommend switching to WordPress with Pipdig if you’ve been thinking about it.

This was just a quick check in to let you know about all the changes that have gone on here, and also to tell you that my life in general has been turmoil for the last few months. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed me ranting about solicitors a lot. I’m buying a flat in Manchester, the offer for which was accepted in July. Here we are in December, and the contracts still haven’t been signed. So much for the grand plans of Christmas dinner in our new place! There’s still a chance that we may get the keys in time for Christmas, but it will be a close run thing and we won’t be able to move in properly until January. Once we’re finally back through that door expect many a blog post about paint colours, soft furnishings and rants about curtain poles.

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