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I wrote a little thing back in October about how clothes make me feel, and after a few new purchases lately I’ve been thinking about how specific items inspire different emotions. I bought this coat from H&M, and I don’t quite know what came over me. It’s very long and forest green, doesn’t button up and definitely makes a statement. 

Long Green H&M Coat, Manchester Architecture

I’ll be honest, on my 5ft4, size 16 body, with all its lumps and bumps, it’s not the most flattering fit. That’s not the reason I bought it. As soon as I tried it on in the shop, I knew that I loved it. I think it’s the swooshiness. When I was three, I absolutely loved a dress made by a family friend that was all purple chiffon, with loops that went round my wrists as if I had wings. I wore it everywhere, this fairy dress, mostly with my favourite red wellies. It was a look for sure. You’d find me climbing trees, playing on the swings and at parties in this dress; I loved it that much.

At seven, my grandparents brought back a dress for me from Spain. It was mostly white with floral details, and was very voluminous. I wore it to all the school parties and would spin around, and no one ever mentioned that you could totally see my knickers.

Long Green H&M Coat, Manchester Architecture, Lowry Hotel Bridge

When I was about thirteen, I owned a circular peasant skirt, with panels of paisley interspersed with panels of burgundy. It came to my mid-calf, and I loved how I could run downstairs and it would billow around me. I wore it constantly in summer, with sandals or barefoot and a vest top, and I bloody loved it.

As I got older, I felt like longer skirts and billowing fabrics just made me look bigger, and I started wearing things like mini-skirts, jeans and fitted jackets. I still love these things, but they don’t quite have the joy of those earlier outfits. This coat brings it back.

Long Green H&M Coat, Manchester Architecture

There’s no denying that it makes me look a bit bigger than I am, but I honestly don’t care. Walking around in an all black outfit with this thrown over the top makes me feel like a complete badass. I love it unfastened, billowing and flapping around in all its glory. I love it belted shut, creating a bit of a waist, with it flying open around my legs as I walk. 

Long Green H&M Coat, Manchester Architecture

I feel like a cross between a wizard in robes, the wicked witch of the west, someone from the Matrix and a fairy. I feel like a child again, running and playing in the garden, spinning around at those parties, thundering down the stairs just to watch my skirt swirl around me. I think I just love voluminous skirts, lots of material and long coats. I feel like a badass and feminine at the same time, and so what if it doesn’t ‘suit’ me? I think I look great, and I feel amazing.

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  1. Panty Buns
    March 17, 2018 / 6:24 pm

    It sounds like you have always had excellent fashion taste! The outfits you wore at all different ages sound pretty and fun to wear, From the purple chiffon dress when you were three to the floral detailed dress from Spain at seven to the circular paisley and burgundy peasant skirt at thirteen to the mini-skirts and fitted jackets right up until the present, your taste in outfits has been and is delightful. I LOVE the bright green colour of your coat. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

  2. The Sunday Mode
    May 27, 2018 / 1:35 pm

    I love this coat on you! I wear my coats just like this as well and I don't care if it makes me look bigger than I am either, I love how they look open like this :)Julia // The Sunday Mode

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