An Autumnal Outfit to Say Goodbye to my Favourite Season

Autumn really is coming to an end; the days are getting colder and colder, and I could have sworn I saw some snow the other day (let’s be honest it was sleet as I live in Manchester). Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, but I’m not giving up on those delicious, warm tones yet. I love an autumnal outfit; it’s my favourite time of year for fashion, as I love all the warm tones, burnt oranges and greens, whereas winter’s cool tones isn’t me at all. I have a habit of dressing in autumn colours all year round, but I wanted to say goodbye to the last days of autumn in the best way I know – with an outfit that just SCREAMS autumn.

I spent a week and a half in London earlier this month, and I met up with Sian for a shoot in a very windy Hyde Park. I wore this dress from M&S teamed with an ancient pair of biker boots and my vintage navy trench coat.  The little bag you’ll see throughout was made by the incredibly talented Natasha from Roop. They’re an up-and-coming sustainable brand making these fab furoshiki bags and I genuinely want one in every colour. I had already worn this dress for an event with Restless Magazine, and the longer length and satin fabric makes it feel a lot dressier than most of my wardrobe. I wanted to able to dress it up or down, and while initially feeling a bit intimidated by it, by the end of the week I was loving wearing such a statement autumnal outfit in the day. The gorgeous copper colour is right up my street, but I don’t often go for such strict colour blocking, as I usually wear some kind of pattern. I feel like as much as this dress, with its long sleeves and high neckline, isn’t my usual style but I enjoyed trying something new and making it work for me. Going for a style that isn’t in my comfort zone was made less scary by choosing it in a colour that I feel good and comfortable in, and I’ve found that’s an easy way to start pushing your fashion boundaries. Scared of wearing flares but know that you look great in autumnal colours? Sorted. Not a fan of knee high boots but know that you want to wear midi dresses in the winter? Pair them together and PUSH THAT COMFORT ZONE.

I think it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone now and again, and not just in fashion. My trip to London was all about giving myself some space from Manchester, as well as exploring further how I feel about travelling alone. This dress, with it’s grown-up silhouette and slightly shiny fabric, was another challenge for me. I initially felt a little lost alone in London, and I initially felt a little overwhelmed by the dress. By the end of the week I was strutting around London like I owned the place (admittedly with the Citymapper app open on my phone) and I felt like I was wearing the dress rather than it wearing me. I’ll be wearing it throughout the winter months, as I really love an autumnal outfit whatever the season, and I have a wedding early next year which I think this would be great for. Time to get down that cost-per-wear because I think this is the first non-second-hand item I’ve bought in a LONG time.

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