A Checklist For Your Government-Mandated Walk In The Park

Basically all I do at the moment is go for walks in the park and watch The Office (the US version, which I’m watching for the first time!) with my boyfriend, which explains the very sparse content on here and on my Instagram – I just don’t have much to say! All the photos I’ve posted recently have either been throwbacks or impromptu snaps, like the one below.

This is pure whimsy, with very little point or substance to it, but I wanted to share this checklist of things to look out for during your daily walk in your local park. It fulfils my need to tick things off a list and feel accomplished even with the most mundane of achievements, and I also just love a scavenger hunt – which is essentially what this is. I initially took a photo of the list hand-written, but it turns out my handwriting just isn’t that pretty, hence this rapidly thrown together list on Canva. I will never be an artist and I’m fine with that tbh.

Here’s the list typed up if that’s easier for you!

☐ One small dog

☐ One very fluffy dog

☐ One angry dog

☐ Two dogs which are best friends

☐ One bin squirrel

☐ A pair of wood pigeons being intimidated by city pigeons

☐ Three different bird calls

☐ 5 types of flowers

☐ Three types of trees

☐ One person wearing gloves/a mask but still touching their face

☐ Two joggers

☐ One illegal sunbather

☐ Two old people not social distancing

☐ Two children not social distancing

☐ Five pieces of litter, which you will then pick up and put in a bin

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