2019 Resolutions

It’s not cool to have new year’s resolutions anymore; now we set “intentions” and give ourselves a word or theme for the year ahead. There’s a definite trend of giving ourselves flexibility in our goals and allowing for adaptability to fit with our increasingly busy lives. If we’re being really honest though, these are resolutions by another name. We’re still making changes based on the passage of time, using the new year as a platform to make the changes we wish we’d made in 2018. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but I do find that changes made at new year don’t seem to stick as well as changes made at other times. The best time to start a new hobby or form a new habit is right now, not on an arbitrary date. While resolutions are borne out of reflection, I think that generally waiting until 1st of January to start making changes means you’re doomed to fail – but that’s just my experience. I have the most success when I start making changes when I feel I need to, not on x day in the future.

All that being said, I’m a massive hypocrite as naturally I have some new year resolutions. If there was a single word or intention to set for 2019 it would simply be CHILL. The latter half of 2018 was extremely stressful, with my mental and emotional health really suffering. So far 2019 is already a marked improvement, but trying to not to worry about things I can’t control is something I want to work on in 2019.

I also have the classic get fit/lose weight resolution. As much as I am an advocate of size positivism and acceptance, there’s no denying that my being overweight is affecting my health. It causes complications with my skin condition, and if I want to mitigate the symptoms and prevent the disease’s progression, the only option left for me is to lose weight. I know I would feel better for doing so, as I lost almost two stone in 2018, only to gain a stone back in November/December, as I lost control of my life and eating well and exercise went completely out of the window. I miss running regularly, another thing that I could no longer find time for in the last two months of the year, and since I signed up for the Great Manchester 10k Run in May I should probably get cracking with that. Fortunately, I now live right by a park, meaning I don’t need to head to the gym or walk 15 minutes to find an area I feel safe enough to run in. You can even see the park from our balcony, meaning my boyfriend can cheer me on from home, although if I’m being honest he always comes with me, even in the bitter cold, to support me.

My main aim for 2019, apart from looking after myself mentally, emotionally and physically, is to work on our new home. I have many a grand plan, not all of which can happen straight away and need to be saved up for. We’re both enjoying working together on creating a home that feels like both of us, although I definitely have the guiding hand when it comes to colour schemes (even if he did argue me down from painting to entire living room green to just half of it).

Whether you’re setting resolutions, giving yourself a word to live by or just going with some good old goals, remember to check in with yourself regularly to remind yourself of your aims. I’ve definitely failed in my resolutions in the past simply because I forgot about them. I don’t think I really can forgot about these ones thanks to the 10k run and the fact that the desire to chill is basically omnipresent these days. Anyone fancy booking me a luxury holiday to the Maldives?


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