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13 Challenges | September Update | Baking

I’m back again with my September update of my 13 Challenges, having successfully made it through a month covered in calligraphy ink.   

Click here for a quick overview of my 13 Challenges!

I would say that September has been a successful month, as my calligraphy has really progressed from where I was when I started.  I began barely able to even form the letters without making a mess, and some of the letters do still give me trouble (Damn you, B and P!). I can now just about manage to put some phrases together without them looking like a troll with a stick wrote it, so I’m calling that a win.  I was playing around with some phrases and tiny illustrations (forgive me, I am no artist) and was quite pleased with the results of the ones below.

 I’m still upset about Syrio Forel.

I am definitely planning to continue with calligraphy, mostly because I want to be able to write really nice Christmas present labels and cards.  A slightly lame goal but I’m determined to beat my Aunt and her ridiculously beautiful wrapping skills.

September’s challenge is in honour of Bake Off’s return, meaning I’ll be baking up a storm and gaining a lot of weight this mont.  The plan is to bake at least twice a week, and it can be anything from bread to biscuits.  If I fancy making something from the show I will, but I’m mostly planning to just do my own thing.

My November challenge is already decided and will, of course, be NaNoWriMo!  I always have bits of creative writing on the go, but I’m pretty bad at committing to one and getting a lot written, let alone finished; November is when that will change!  

Leave any suggestions for October down in the comments for me, and I shall report back in soon with the photos of my no doubt disastrous baking.

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