10X10 Challenge

10X10 Challenge

I’ve been struggling with my wardrobe lately, constantly browsing, searching for the clothes that will finally make my wardrobe make sense and work as a cohesive whole. Thing is, I’m kind of broke. I can’t afford to buy loads of clothes and completely refresh my wardrobe, and frankly, I don’t want to. Sustainability may be a trend but it’s also incredibly important for the future of the fashion industry and can make a huge difference to the planet. This isn’t the place to talk about that right now, but it’s something I’ll be exploring a lot more going forwards. Today, I’ve decided to take a bit of inspiration from the capsule wardrobe queen Unfancy and do a 10×10 challenge to try and make the most of my current wardrobe.

A 10×10 challenge is very simple; you pick out 10 pieces of clothing, including shoes, and put together 10 outfits using those pieces. It’s trickier than it sounds when you take into account colours, patterns and British weather! The main goal for me was to figure out how to wear some of the less utilised pieces in my wardrobe. I picked out a cropped yellow jumper, my Ghospell patchwork shirt, a striped kimono-sleeve top and a black slit midi skirt. They’re all items I love but hardly ever wear, or only wear in specific ways (usually with my faithful black skinny jeans). With this goal in mind, I pulled together 10 outfits featuring these items, adding a few more along the way to create some proper outfits. I went with a pretty classic 10×10 breakdown:

1 dress – a floral summer dress that I haven’t worn in years

4 tops – the striped kimono top, the yellow jumper, the patchwork and a plain black t shirt

2 bottoms – dark blue cropped tailored trousers and the black split skirt

2 shoes – black espadrille sandals and blue slip on sandals

1 jacket – vintage cream denim jacket

I put together ten outfits, but it was a hell of a lot harder than I expected. My boyfriend helped with suggesting things, often things I didn’t think would work together and was sometimes pleasantly surprised.

Outfit 1

Yellow jumper, trousers, blue sandals

Outfit 2

Dress, jacket, blue sandals

Outfit 3

Stripe top, black skirt, black sandals

Outfit 4

Dress, yellow jumper, black sandals

Outfit 5

Patchwork shirt, trousers, blue sandals

Outfit 6

Black t shirt, trousers, blue sandals, jacket

Outfit 7

Yellow jumper, black skirt, black sandals

Outfit 8

Patchwork shirt, black skirt, black sandals

Outfit 9

Black t shirt, black skirt, blue sandals

Outfit 10

Stripe top, trousers, blue sandals

Were I to do this challenge again – and I probably will – I would definitely do it differently. Rather than coming up with 10 different outfits at once I would spread it out more and attempt to actually use accessories to change up the vibe. I wanted to shoot all ten outfits in the same day to ensure the lighting remained roughly the same, but it went from cloudy to sunny to back again, meaning the lighting was all over the place anyway and perhaps I could have done a better job. However, I definitely got what I wanted to out of the 10×10 challenge. I found a few outfits that I absolutely adore, most notably everything involving the yellow jumper, and all of these items have been worn more over the last few weeks and hopefully will continue to be.


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