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Oooh you can tell I’m running out of steam can’t you? It’s been a tough few weeks at work and I’m running on empty, in desperate need of a few days off. Coupled with the fact that my thighs are still killing me from my first ever personal training session, this post is going to be a fairly quick and easy one for me. I have mad respect for anyone who produces quality content every day all the time, as I’m struggling with it even for a month. For today though, here are ten things you almost certainly don’t know about me.

Lurking in Manchester alley
Enjoy this photo of me lurking in an alley in Manchester, as I am wont to do.
  1. When I went to university my Mum replaced me with a black cat named Willow who is the best cat in the world (if snooty af).
  2. My full name is longer than the alphabet.
  3. My nicknames as a small child were Sluggy or Puddin.
  4. I own well over a thousand books but they’re almost all at my Mum’s house.
  5. I once got hit in the mouth by a hockey ball and somehow didn’t lose any teeth! There’s a still a bloodstain on the old hockey pitch.
  6. I was ALWAYS the narrator in school plays, even if I wanted to be Sandy/an angel/Dorothy.
  7. I only have two cousins, both girls, both very different. One is a high-flying neuroscientist who likes the finer things in the life, the other built a cabin in the woods for herself and lives off the land like a badass. I’m the boring one.
  8. I’ve visited most of coastal Europe because my family bloody loves cruises.
  9. I did ballet for one week when I was five because I wanted the outfit, which I generally wore with wellingtons.
  10. My eyesight is truly shocking and I spend a small fortune on contact lenses and glasses.

That’s your lot for today, I’ll try and produce some slightly more original content over the next week or so but like I said, I’m running on empty.

This post is part of All-in August, where I attempt to post every single day in August, despite it being one my busiest months. Keep up with it here!

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