Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Giant Edit of Homeware I Want But Can't Afford

So my sink is such that if you put a bar of soap down on it, the soap will very quickly just slide into the bowl.  This is extremely irritating, as I then have to put the soap on the counter, which then gets a gross soapy scum on it that I'm constantly cleaning.  As such, I am in need of a soap dish.  The following post is a result of my internet trawling for one, which somehow became this huge conglomeration of things that mostly are not soap dishes.  I present to you, The Giant Edit of Homeware I Want But Can't Afford.

Small Concrete Bowl with Gold Finish, reduced to £8.99///Silent Fox Rug, £498///Pineapple Taper Holder, £34///Koi Carp Cushion, £25///Harris Tweed Snuggler Sofa, £1649///John Lewis Precious Wall Mirror, £895///

 I don't think I've ever loved a sofa so much in my life, and equally, I will never be able to afford that sofa.  The rug is also stunning, but so unbelievably out of my price range.  Now the koi cushion?  I fell in love with it and I can actually afford it! Hurray! It reminds me of the two koi fish in Avatar: The Legend of Aang.  Did anybody else watch that when it was on tv? No? Okay then...

Mountain Pillow, £22.25///Big White Cloud Cushion, £42///Nova Rico Globe, £424///Peacock Mug, £12///Scalloped Glass Containers, £8-£20///Lirit Coffee Table, £1400///Petal Serving Board, £68///Denver Blossom Duvet Cover, £55-£85///

Look! I actually found a soap dish that I like! I'd have to get all of the matching containers though but I love cut glass and the colour is just so pretty.  Obviously I also need that cushion to bury my head in, and I've always wanted a globe.  Let me just go and fetch that spare £500 I have somewhere for one.

Curlew Lampshade, £79.95///Pirate Ship Table Lamp, $179///Gold Lined Lampshade in Midnight Blue, £40///Origami Fox Lamp, £36///Lotus Flower Table Lamp, £65///Lightbearer Table Lamp, £498///Memory Balloon Ceiling Light, £155///Retro Tulips Ceramic Table Lamp, £80///

Look I really like lamps okay?  I think my favourite is the Curlew lampshade because it's a little quirky but it wouldn't look super weird in my home.  The creepy hand lamp though? That's a bit odd even for me.  And who spends £500 on a lamp?!  It's weird but I sort of love it.

Flamingo Watering Can, £13.99///Knight Single Duvet, £49///Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers, £20///Poisson Tea Pot, £58///Egg and Soldiers Train, £12///Decorative Pig Plant Pot, £59///

If they had a double version of that knight duvet it would be on my bed right now.  The pug salt and pepper shakers I actually bought but for someone else!  The fish teapot scares me a little bit.  It looks slightly aggressive.  I still want it for all my fish themed tea parties that I definitely have.

So there you go!  A whole load of stuff that I really want but will almost certainly never own.  And after all that, I still don't own a soap dish.  

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  1. I LOVE these! OMG that fox rug!

    xx Lindsey

    1. The fox rug is basically all I want in life.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh gosh, such lovely pieces! Those glass containers need to be mine- eek! Sian xxx

    1. As much as I love everything I picked out, the glass containers and the koi cushion are the only ones I'm seriously considering buying! The rest of it really is a wishlist!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Love this! Those pig planters are 👌🏻 so many nice things!

  4. So funny that all this came from needing a soap dish haha. I love the pineapple candle holder and the pug salt and pepper shakers - cuuuute

    she dreams


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